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What Makes Diamond Defenders Unique?


Each player will be challenged with different levels of achievement, in similar fashion to karate. When someone first joins Diamond Defenders, they will be tested on their specific abilities as an infielder and placed at their Level 1. Throughout each monthly session instructors will equip players with what they need in order to improve and advance to the next level of the program. To gauge the progress of each infielder, a re-testing of their abilities will occur at the end of each training session. Showing growth leads to a “Level Up.”

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Why Choose Diamond Defenders?

Focus on Foundation, not Fluff:

For infielders to be the best version of themselves on the field, foundational content is the priority. With our staff’s experience and expertise, the initial focus on skill-building is proper footwork. The more efficiently an infielder uses their feet the more they will see progress with their angles, range, athletic and proper fielding position, direction, and throwing ability.


All skills taught come from the same approach, foundational movements before the flash.


Reps with Reflection:

Infielders need more than just reps. Our staff at Diamond Defenders focus on teaching infielders why movements are necessary and equip them to make adjustments on their own. Each rep tells a story that an athlete can process and learn from, whether it’s from building new knowledge and skills in the front half of our workouts or during the game-like reps during Diamond Defender competitions.


Reframing Competition:

At Diamond Defenders, we believe that the concept of competition is incomplete. In order to be as equipped as possible to face an opponent we are intentional about learning lessons through competition in the following 4 stages:


  1. Compete with who you were yesterday.

  2. Compete against the game itself.

  3. Compete against your teammates.

  4. Compete against the opponent on the other side of the field.


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