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This is the Diamond Defenders handcake training glove made out of smooth cowhide & tumbled cowhide leather with a black leather outside and grey leather palm to bring some flare! The palm of the glove has a target to represent where we want to catch the ball. 


The DD handcake glove promotes the same developement of a pancake glove but allows fielders to do everything you could with a game glove. Having the small glove design, players must stay down on the ball and have that extra focus when fielding. This glove also forces fielders to close their glove pinky to thumb when fielding the ball, creating that perfect pocket. Very easy to use and travel with! 


**LEFT & RIGHT hand gloves availible! 



Diamond Defenders Handcake Glove (RHT & LHT)

$69.99 Regular Price
$24.50Sale Price
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