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Diamond Defenders

Diamond Defenders is an infield-specific training program for those who want to take their skills and IQ to the next level. Our instructional format and the staff’s teaching abilities are tailored to players of all skill sets, from the top-tier high school player, to the little leaguer getting his feet wet, and everyone in-between.


We focus on teaching athletes all aspects of the infield and most importantly that your feet will put you in the best position possible to field any ground ball. This exciting, fast-paced learning environment provides all infielders the information and tools needed to make huge strides.


Each player will be challenged with different levels of achievement, in similar fashion..... CLICK BELOW 


Infielders need more than just reps. Our staff at Diamond Defenders focus on... CLICK BELOW


An infield training glove is a much smaller version of your game playing glove... CLICK BELOW


Instructors will equip players with what they need in order to improve and advance to... CLICK BELOW

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